Buy a Goat

We have set up 26 goat projects in the country.

 This involves giving widows a goat and when the goats have kids these are distributed to other needy widows.

In Rwanda, goats are kept, not only for the milk, but for fertilising the ground around the widows’ property and many of the widows that we have spoken to have said how much they have benefited from growing extra crops.

This means more income for the family and therefore a greater ability to buy clothes, food or help a child to get to school.

You can buy a goat for £25 and in return you will be given an alternative gift card and a fridge magnet.  

 Picture of goat

If you are a UK tax payer we can claim Gift Aid for this purchase but we need a signed Gift Aid form which you can print off and return to us. If you have already completed a form please indicate in the box below - thank you.

Type GIFT AID if you have sent GA form

Widows receiving goat

Widows receiving their goat to help in income generation  around their small piece of land